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Welcome to the Website of the OMRS
Our Society exists to promote a general interest in the study of orders, decorations and medals and to actively encourage and publish research into all aspects of civil and military medals, with a particular focus on those issued by Great Britain and the Commonwealth countries.

Members' interests range from awards for gallantry in battle, or bravery in saving life, through forgotten wars and far-flung campaigns, to long and meritorious public service away from the limelight. Research interests stretch from pure numismatics, through the military or social history surrounding the circumstances of awards, to the genealogy of the medal recipient.
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If you are visiting this website for the first time, please consider the benefits of OMRS membership and the opportunity to discuss and exchange the results of medallic research with some 2,500 members worldwide, including many acknowledged experts in this absorbing hobby. In the website you will find instructions on how to join, information about local branches available to you across the world, details of our annual Convention, and quarterly Journals. Additionally, you will be able to purchase Society publications that are of interest to medal collectors, researchers and family genealogists alike.

Whilst we are not able to provide individual research advice, you may find our Medal Research FAQs page of use.

Given the nature of our business, we have a keen interest in any products, services, concepts and strategies which offer longevity, reliability and durability. Medals are timeless and the history behind them truly is remarkable. We take this approach to everything we purchase. It might sound silly, but we even focus on longevity when purchasing things like teak garden furniture for our offices or interior decor (including but not limited to some fine antiques). The teak wood used for the aforementioned furniture comes from ethically sourced places and brings with it years of natural history and wonder. The antique decorations each also offer their own story and are marvelled at by our frequent guests.
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